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Youth Action Board

Stakeholders | Leaders | Advocates

YAB members meet together regularly to collaborate on, and lead, in all of the YHDP processes. They are integral to ensuring authentic and meaningful change in Madison/Dane County.


Check out their website to learn about them and the work they are doing in the community! 

You may also be interested in donating to support their efforts within the community:

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Program Coordinators

Kayla Every (YAB) & Koleena Schmidt (Program)


We work collaboratively to address the requirements necessary for ending youth homelessness through the YHDP by uplifting the voices of the YAB, community members, providers and all stakeholders.

Kayla Every

Youth Action Board Coordinator





Koleena Schmidt

YHDP Program Coordinator

Continuum of Care

Torrie Kopp-Mueller, COC Coordinator, Homelessness Services Consortium


YHDP Core Team
& Workgroups

The Core Team and YHDP Workgroups have members from all walks of life and community sectors to ensure that the plans and projects developed to serve the YHDP are:




Technical Assistance Team

The Technical Assistance Team is here to support the YAB, YHDP, and CoC in successfully implementing the plans and projects that will end homelessness in Madison/Dane County


Tiffany Hart

True Colors United

Whitney Patterson

Abt Associates, Inc.

Roy Graham

Youth Collaboratory

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