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Youth Action Board Selected Projects
End Youth Homelessness in Madison/Dane County


In September 2021, the Madison/Dane County Continuum of Care (CoC) was selected by HUD as a YHDP community. This comes with a total funding allocation of $2,492,491 for two years, funds will then be renewed annually. The community has allocated $199,200 to hire staff and compensate youth during the planning process. The remainder of the funds ($1,196,445 annually) are available to operate programs as determined in the Community’s Coordinated Plan (CCP).

Definitions & Key Terms

System Navigation

Group Bonding

  • ($200,000) - This project will provide intensive support to young people at-risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. The staff for this project will walk alongside and support youth from initial contact with the system through location of permanent housing and connection to ongoing support services. Services for this program could include:

    • Transportation

    • Peer Mentors that are paired with Navigators to work as a team

    • Intensive case management support to help the young person connect with services, community support, and help with housing plans

Joint Transitional Housing

Rapid Rehousing:

  • ($946,646)- This project type offers the most flexibility to meet the needs of young people in our community experiencing homelessness, as it offers both transitional housing and rapid rehousing options. The budget for this project could include leasing buildings, rental assistance for people living in apartments, and up to 4 years of assistance per household. The model has the flexibility to offer older teens a transitional housing option when family reunification isn’t a safe choice and an apartment option after turning 18. Depending on services needed, about 30-50 young people could be served each year with this amount of funding.

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