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Updates & Events

Check this page to see where we have been and what's going on! For more detailed information on the goings-on with the Youth Action Board please visit their webpage at:

What's Happening?

What's Happened So Far?


All of the progress that is going to be made will be made through our community with the Youth Action Board at the helm. Here's what this community has done so far.


  • July

    • Projects submitted to HUD​

    • Coordinated Community Plan APPROVED by HUD!

  • June

    • Youth Action Board Retreat ​

    • Site visits from Technical Assistance Team

    • Youth Action Board, Technical Assistance Team, and CoC Lead review RFP applicants and select awardees.

  • May 

    • Coordinated Community Plan Approved by All Workgroups, Youth Action Board, and CoC Board

    • Coordinated Community Plan Submitted​​

    • Youth Action Board and CoC Lead select project types & develop Request for Proposal

    • Request for Proposal released

    • Community Collaboration Meeting for RFP Support

  • April 

    • The Youth Action Board officially file as employees and begin receiving payroll compensation

    • Weekly and Bi-Weekly Workgroup Meetings

    • Community and Youth-Led Listening Sessions:​

      • Community Listening Sessions Kickoff

      • Session 1 - Pregnant and Parenting Youth and Young Adults​

      • Session 2 - Non-parenting Youth and Young Adults

      • Session 3 - Minors

      • Session 4 - LGBTQIA+ Youth and Young Adults

      • Session 5 - Youth and Young Adults with Experience in Systems

      • Session 6 - Youth and Young Adults and Education/Employment Assistance

      • Session 7 - Undocumented and Under-documented Youth and Young Adults

      • Session 8 - Youth and Young Adults Who are Victims of Violence and Exploitation

      • Session 9 - Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities and Health Needs

  • March

    • The Youth Action Board begins the process of moving from 1-9 to W-2 with C4CS

    • Coordinated Community Plan development begins

    • Weekly and Bi-Weekly Workgroup Meetings

  • February

  • January

    • Youth Action Board begins advocating for a payroll employment structure

    • Governance & Structure developed

    • Weekly and Bi-Weekly Workgroup Meetings​​​


  • December

    • Youth Action Board determines the process for recruiting YHDP Coordinators

    • Youth Action Board outlines YHDP Planning Grant and submits to HUD

  • November

    • YHDP Planning Workgroups Begin

  • October

    • YHDP Kickoff Meeting

  • September

    • YHDP Grant AWARDED

  • July

    • YHDP Round 4/5 Application submitted

  • June​

    • Homeless Services Consortium Board of Directors selects Briarpatch as Lead Agency for YHDP​


Youth Action Board convened

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